Is your elder sibling smarter? Blame parents

Is your elder sibling smarter (Thinkstock Photos / Getty Images) Elder siblings have higher IQs and better thinking skills as they receive more mental stimulation from parents in their early years, according to a new research. First-borns score higher than their siblings in IQtests as early as age one, researchers from University of Edinburgh have found. They said that first-born ... Read More »

How to eat when preparing for exam

How to eat when preparing for exam Don’t Starve Experience what 4G can do for your business!Vodafone India Now express your ideas in colour, with Xerox!Xerox Recommended By Colombia While the three-big-meals-a day is common and convenient, exam time requires a slow but steady flow of energy to the body and hence, having frequent smaller meals is a good idea. ... Read More »

Eat less to live more, finds study

Finally, an answer to the question ‘How to live a long life?’ has been found. At least, that’s what it seems from a recent research. There’s a multi-billion-dollar industry devoted to products that fight signs of ageing, but moisturizers only go skin deep. Ageing occurs deeper, at a cellular level, and scientists have found that eating less can slow this ... Read More »

Exercise during pregnancy may help obese women avoid complications

Exercise may be an efficient way for obese pregnant women to lower their risk of diabetes, dangerously high blood pressure and other complications, research suggests. “The study suggests that a prenatal exercise-based intervention leads to both decreased costs and improved outcomes in obese women,” said Leah Savitsky, a medical student at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland who led ... Read More »

Brain unable to form new memories when you’re sleep deprived

Brain unable to form new memories when you’re sleep deprived (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) Alert! Your memories are in danger of being lost if you are sleep derived, suggests a study. Studying mice, scientists at Johns Hopkins have fortified evidence that a key purpose of sleep is to recalibrate the braincells responsible for learning and memory so the animals can “solidify” ... Read More »

A brain injury is two times more likely to develop attention problems

A brain injury is two times more likely to develop attention problems People with mild to moderate brain injuries are two times more likely to have developed attention problems and those with severe injuries are five times more likely to develop secondary Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD) in an average of seven years after injury, reveals a study. Researchers ... Read More »

Nicotine exposure in babies may cause hearing problems

Nicotine exposure in babies may cause hearing problems Babies exposed to nicotinebefore and after birth may be at an increased risk of developing hearing problems due to abnormal development in the auditory brainstem, researchers have found. The findings showed that the auditory brainstem — an area of the brain which plays a role in analysing sound patterns — may have ... Read More »

Are you going wrong with your cheat meal?

6/13Dark chocolate 0 Yes. It’s allowed. Melt some and pour on fruits like strawberries and bananas, and everything about this diet plan will seem godly. (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock) 7/13Pasta and Pizza 0 If you are an Italian-food addict, whole wheat pastas and pizza bases are available. You can make them at home as well. Load these with veggies, chicken, fish ... Read More »

Do you suffer from ‘nature deficit’ disorder?

(Pic: Thinkstock) Do you work out, sleep well and still manage to feel fatigued and listless at the end of the work week? No, you’re not counting your sheep wrong or exercising less. You may be suffering from a deprivation of the outdoors — one of the most common problems of urban living. It’s called ‘nature deficit disorder’, which arises ... Read More »

A healthy gut is good for your sex life, shows study

A healthy gut is good for your sex life (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) This Valentine’s Day, as you bask in the beauty of your beloved, don’t just thank his or her genes and your good fortune; thank microbes. Research on the microbes that inhabit our bodies has progressed rapidly in recent years. Scientists think that these communities, most of which live ... Read More »