Florida home health aide reportedly stripped naked and pummeled a patient

    Maybe the health professional was the sick one in this case. A Florida home health aide allegedly took off all her clothes and battered a patient on Sunday afternoon, according to reports. Police in the central coast town of Palm Bay say the as-yet-unidentified woman was completely naked and the patient was ailing from her attack when they ... Read More »

California is low-risk for MERS, health official says

      The risk of Middle East respiratory syndrome spreading to California is very low, Karen Smith, the state’s top health officer, said Monday. MERS, the deadly virus that is circulating overseas, has made headlines over the last month as it spreads through health facilities in South Korea, killing 16 people and infecting 150 in the largest outbreak outside ... Read More »

Health care: We are in this together

    Imagine an America that is no longer a union — but instead the health of individuals is determined by the state in which we live. Families in different states, neighbors across state lines, our fellow citizens are divided by available, affordable health care. In only 16 states, individuals would have access to affordable health care options through the ... Read More »