Most employees suffer from stress at workplace

One in four employees are suffering work place stress issues, according to new research. The study shows up to one in four people calling a national employee assistance helpline say that workplace stress lies at the root of their problem. Experts at the firm say they have seen first-hand through their Employee Assistance Programme how stress levels have risen alongside ... Read More »

Single drop blood tests many not be accurate

Just a single drop of blood in fingerprick test may not produce accurate results, warns a new study. Results from a single drop of blood are highly variable, and as many as six to nine drops must be combined to achieve consistent results, the findings showed. “A growing number of clinically important tests are performed using fingerprick blood, and this ... Read More »

Soon, blood test can be used to detect cancer

The day when cancer can be detected by a simple blood test instead of a painful biopsy is not too far. “Cancer fields are similar to magnetic fields. If a cell is affected by cancer, the surrounding cells and blood will bear the cancer signature.That’s what we are trying to use to ascertain the presence of cancer using a mathematical ... Read More »

What is the cost of diabetes care?

Diabetes management can be an expensive affair. But by following a proper regime you can reduce your overall expenses. As the number of people with diabetes grows worldwide, the disease takes an ever-increasing proportion of not only the patient’s household budgets but also the overall healthcare budget. Without primary prevention, the diabetes epidemic will continue to grow. Even worse, diabetes ... Read More »

Drown your woes in a cup

Drown your woes in a cup Research says coffee could help you live longer, reducing risk of heart disease, Parkinson’s and other ailments. Drinking three to five cups of coffee a day might help you live longer, according to new research. Moderate coffee consumption reduces the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, and ... Read More »

Inexpensive one-step test for hepatitis C infection 

Researchers have developed a cost-effective one-step test that can screen, detect and confirm hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections from blood or urine samples. Current blood-based HCV testing requires two steps and can be expensive, inconvenient and is not widely available or affordable globally. “Our novel HCV antigen test system has significantly improved sensitivity and specificity over current tests,” said one ... Read More »

What your sleeping posture says about your health

How you snooze says a lot about your health. Find out what your sleeping posture means As soon as you make your self comfortable to sleep, you may roll over to your right and pull your knees into your chest, or perhaps you lie flat on your back. When you snooze with your knees pulled up high and chin tucked ... Read More »

Yoga may reduce side effects of prostate cancer treatment 

Practicing yoga can improve quality of life of men with prostate cancer who are undergoing radiation therapy, says a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher. The researchers found that general quality of life and measurements of side effects often experienced by prostate cancer patients – including fatigue, sexual health and urinary incontinence – were stable throughout a course of ... Read More »

Schizophrenia risk may begin very early in life

How one critical gene functions during the first week after a baby’s birth may have bearing on his/her developing schizophrenia, reveals a new study. The findings suggest that interventions for preventing this long-term mental disorder may begin very early in life. The gene is known as ‘disrupted in schizophrenia-1’ (DISC-1). Past studies have shown that when mutated, the gene is ... Read More »

Lung cancer not of men or smokers alone, warn doctors 

Lung cancer is no more a smoker’s disease and has moved to the top of this category of life-threatening ailments among Indian males and the coming years will also see females too getting affected, doctors maintain, adding early detection is key to its cure. “Of late, lung cancer has moved to Number One position among cancers in males in India. ... Read More »