Yoga may reduce side effects of prostate cancer treatment 

Practicing yoga can improve quality of life of men with prostate cancer who are undergoing radiation therapy, says a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher. The researchers found that general quality of life and measurements of side effects often experienced by prostate cancer patients – including fatigue, sexual health and urinary incontinence – were stable throughout a course of ... Read More »

Schizophrenia risk may begin very early in life

How one critical gene functions during the first week after a baby’s birth may have bearing on his/her developing schizophrenia, reveals a new study. The findings suggest that interventions for preventing this long-term mental disorder may begin very early in life. The gene is known as ‘disrupted in schizophrenia-1’ (DISC-1). Past studies have shown that when mutated, the gene is ... Read More »

Lung cancer not of men or smokers alone, warn doctors 

Lung cancer is no more a smoker’s disease and has moved to the top of this category of life-threatening ailments among Indian males and the coming years will also see females too getting affected, doctors maintain, adding early detection is key to its cure. “Of late, lung cancer has moved to Number One position among cancers in males in India. ... Read More »

Are your greens toxic? greens toxic?

Green, healthy, sometimes toxic (Getty Images) Over-consumption of certain toxins in vegetables and fruit could mar their wholesome goodness Medical literature is replete with the goodness of fruit and vegetables. Science credits these food items with nutrients, antioxidants and fibre. In fact, there is even medical evidence to suggest that vegetarians live longer. But is everything about them good? The ... Read More »

1st lab-in-a-briefcase for faster cancer detection

1st lab-in-a-briefcase for faster cancer detection (Getty Images) Kit conducts test in 15 mins for early check Scientists have developed the world’s first portable labin-a-briefcase that can operate even at high temperatures, to boost early detection of cancer in developing countries. Believed to be the first kit of its kind dedicated to the portable measurement of cancer biomarkers, the concept ... Read More »

Vitamin D deficiency may make HIV treatment less effective

 Low levels of vitamin D may limit immune recovery in HIV-positive adults undergoing treatment, says a new study. Those infected with HIV often struggle with declining health because their immune systems can not effectively respond to common pathogens. “Because of the immune-destroying effects of HIV, infection usually results in relatively quick death without treatment. The magic of antiretroviral therapy, the ... Read More »

9% of kids with TB resistant to key drug: Study

From two deaths every three minutes to having the highest tuberculosis burden in the world, most surveys related to TB in India throw a startling number. And here is one more: Close to 9% of all paediatric tuberculosis patients are resistant to rifampicin, one of the firstline drugs used in the treatment of the infectious disease. This is 6% more ... Read More »

Your phone can help cure cancer while you sleep

A new smartphone app that allows users to help find a cure for cancer while they are asleep, by pooling their device’s computing power, has been launched in Australia. Taking the fight against cancer from the laboratory to the humble smartphone, DreamLab, an Android smartphone app, gives people the power to help fast track a cure for cancer while they ... Read More »

Dengue threat looms large over tony areas

Area-wise map to help civic body curb disease once perceived as the disease of the poor neighbourhoods, dengue has now become a threat to affluent areas of the city like Ahmednagar Road, Kothrud, Tilak Road, Dhole Patil Road and Ghole Road. The latest report of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), which mapped the area-wise distribution of 925 dengue cases recorded ... Read More »

Dengue cases cross last year’s mark

The city has been witnessing menace of vector-borne diseases as the cases of dengue and malaria crossed the previous year numbers.  Each day , around two cases of dengue, seven of malaria and four of falciparum are being registered with private hospitals of the city. According to the figures issued by health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), the city ... Read More »