Antibiotics: Handle with carebiotics

Every five minutes a child dies due to drug-resistant bacteria in the WHO South-East Asia Region. Drugs that were effective in treating deadly diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, malaria etc. are increasingly losing their impact. Misuse and overuse of antibiotics is leading to antibiotic resistance which is emerging as the greatest public health threat. Antibiotics are often not optimally prescribed ... Read More »

Feeding birds could spread diseases in humans: Study

Feeding birds in parks may not only negatively affect their health and behaviour but also help spread diseases in humans, a new study suggests. Researchers from the University of Georgia in US studied how being fed by humans is changing the health, ecology and behaviour of white ibises in south Florida, where construction and land development is drying up their ... Read More »

Lifestyle awareness: Migraine do’s and don’ts

A kind of vascular headache, migraines are caused by nerve swellings that result in expansion of blood vessels in the brain. Inflammation leads to further enlargement of arteries, which in turn escalates into debilitating pain. Usually accompanied by nausea and photophobia, it is one of the most under-diagnosed and under-treated problems. Today we have, Dr Praveen Gupta, Consultant, Neurology at ... Read More »

Banish airborne germs in homes and workplaces

As air pollution rises in the city, there is a greater need for public awareness of chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD) Air pollution is a major problem in cities now, however, awareness about the diseases it causes is not present. Diseases like chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD) have also seen a marked rise thanks to the polluted environment. Blueair, a ... Read More »

Common things that can trigger allergies

You’ll be surprised at the things that can trigger allergies in people. It could be the most innocuous reasons but can cause adverse reactions ranging from a terrible rash to nonstop sneezing or even severe nausea. Here are some common triggers… While it is your immune system’s job to fight against viruses, there are times when an overactive immune system ... Read More »

Using LED light to treat Alzheimer’s disease 

Researchers have found a way to prevent abnormal assembly of a brain protein implicated in Alzheimer’s disease by using blue LED lights and photosensitisers, substances that sensitise an organism, cell, or tissue to light. The technique to suppress build up of beta-amyloid plaques which are known to cause Alzheimer’s disease was tested on fruit flies. “This work has significance as ... Read More »

World diabetes day- Skipping insulin not an option

Alternative Cures Not Viable For Diabetes, Say Docs Krishna Murthy, 53, was a regular at the government-run Karna taka Institute of Diabetology and took insulin consistently for a couple of years until someone told him about alternative therapies. Three months later, he was back at the hospital with gangrene in his foot, a complication of high blood sugar levels. The ... Read More »

9 signs that spell cancer!

 They are common symptoms and can be passed off as your body getting to grips with every day tiredness. But experts warn that if you notice any other major changes in the way your body functions or feels, you should see a doctor, especially if the changes persist or get worse. It may not be cancer, but any major change ... Read More »

More vitamins = better health?

While doctors continue to prescribe vitamin supplements, the debate on the efficacy of such antioxidants to increase longevity of life is fierce, and there are no clear-cut answers yet Medical literature is rife with articles on oxidative stress and the value of anti oxidants. Oxidative stress is being blamed for various lifestyle diseases such as thickening of arteries, high blood ... Read More »

Deaths from cancer have increased by 60% since 1990

More than 200 cancer drugs, 186 medicines to treat cardiovascular diseases and 148 stents and cardiac implants will now be available at central government hospitals at prices 5060% lower than the open market. The health ministry has launched a programme called AMRIT (Affordable Medicines and Reliable Implants for Treatment), under which the government will run pharmacy retail stores to sell ... Read More »