Expensive new Hepatitis C drugs may be cost-effective 

Treating hepatitis C with expensive new medicines at the earliest signs of liver damage improves patients’ health and is also cost-effective, a new computer simulation suggests. “Going into this, I expected to find it did make sense to wait until there was a limited amount of liver disease, but what we found to our surprise is that it makes sense ... Read More »

New compound heals diabetic wound faster

Researchers have discovered a compound that accelerates diabetic wound healing, which may open the door to new treatment strategies. Non-healing chronic wounds are a major complication of diabetes, but the reasons why diabetic wounds are resistant to healing are not fully understood, and there are limited therapeutic agents that could accelerate or facilitate their repair. A team of researchers from ... Read More »

Most women unaware of alcohol’s role in breast cancer 

Most women are unaware that drinking alcohol or being obese could increase their risk of developing breast cancer, shows a Britain-based survey. “There are ways women can potentially reduce their breast cancer risk — including drinking less alcohol and keeping a healthy weight. But most of the women we questioned did not know this,” said study co-author Ellen Copson, associate ... Read More »

Half of slum children in Delhi is underweight: Study 

Half of the children residing in slums here are underweight, a study released by NGO Child Rights and You (CRY) showed on Tuesday. According to the survey on the status of health, nutrition and education of children below the age of six years in slums here, 25.6 percent of the 50.2 percent underweight children are severely underweight. Only 31 percent ... Read More »

Sweetened drinks up risk of heart failure in men

Drinking just two glasses of sweetened drinks every day is linked to a higher risk of heart failure in men, a new study has found. Regular consumption of sweetened drinks has been associated with changes in blood pressure, insulin levels, and inflammatory markers, as well as weight gain factors implicated in metabolic syndrome, diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke. For ... Read More »

Cool way to revive babies with brain damage

Grandmothers have never failed to advise new moms to keep their sick babies warm. Now, a growing breed of doctors are turning grandma’s wisdom on its head, when it comes to babies with brain injuries caused due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain during birth. Keeping newborns cold help them recover faster, say neonatologists who use hypothermia treatment ... Read More »

Depression can damage your memory

Once they enter memory, depressive thoughts can linger for long in affected people, and this extended duration may reduce the amount of information that these individuals can remember, suggests new research. The findings have far-reaching implications for understanding how depression damages memory, as well as how depression develops and persists over the course of an individual’s lifetime. “People with depression ... Read More »

Smog shoots up respiratory cases

Diwali is still a week away but people with respiratory problems are already in distress due to smoggy weather and the rising level of particulate matter in the air. Hospitals say their OPDs are flooded with patients suffering from asthma, chronic bronchitis, wheezing and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Healthy individuals, too, are complaining about breathing difficulty , say doctors.Elderly ... Read More »

Union Health Minister inaugurates 38th Annual Meet of Representatives of National Pharmacovigilance Centres

Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission to become the first WHO Collaborating Centre for Safety of Medicines and Vaccines in the WHO South-East Asia Region J.P. Nadda, Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare inaugurated the 38th Annual Meeting of Representatives of the National Pharmacovigilance Centres participating in the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring. At the inaugural event, it was announced that ... Read More »

Smoking is the biggest killer 

Every day as I leave from work, I see men, old and young alike, making a beeline for the local paan (betel leaf) vendor. Some are busy chewing paan while others indulge in a quick “stress-free” smoking session. The other day I noticed a group of young lads next to the same paan shop. They all must have been in ... Read More »