New 3D Software Can Track Embryo’s Brain Development

Scientists can now track an embryo’s brain activity and development, thanks to an open-source three-dimensional software. This new ground breaking development is now accessible to scientists who want to track the development of neuronal structure cells in a worm’s body. Understanding the processes of the human brain is challenging, especially when it comes to the development of complex neuronal structures. ... Read More »

Once-Weekly Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Similar In Safety, Effectiveness

A new meta-analysis found little difference in the performance of five once-weekly type 2 diabetes medications, although small differences in side effects surfaced. British researchers writing in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that there was no clear winner among once-a-week glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1RAs) in treating the prevalent condition. For instance, exenatide and dulaglutide tended to work better ... Read More »

What Shape Is This? Your Answer Says A Lot About Your Personality

Eyes are the windows to the soul. A new research found what people see in a single shape can tell a lot about their personality and political inclinations. People were shown a single, slightly fragmented shape and asked one question: “Is it a circle?” Participants who answered “yes” were believed to be liberals who tend to support legalization of cannabis ... Read More »

Marijuana Extract May Help Children, Young Adults With Epilepsy

Experts discovered that marijuana extract may help children and young adults suffering from epilepsy. Children whose seizures are not being controlled by approved medications may now experience significant relief from their neurological symptoms. Two studies delved into the effects of marijuana extract on patients with epilepsy. Although different in methods and strategies, the results of the studies are similar: marijuana ... Read More »

Basic Checks On Pregnant Women’s Mental Health May Help Prevent Suicide

A new report revealed that nearly half of post-partum and antenatal suicides by women could have been prevented by better standards of health care and basic checks on their mental health. Funded by National Health Service England, the study examined 101 cases of women in the United Kingdom and Ireland who took their life during and after their pregnancy between ... Read More »

People Receptive To False Inspirational Quotes Have Lower Intelligence: Study

You may have scrolled through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed and came across a line similar to this: “Power is the driver of beauty. We believe, we exist, we are reborn.” Or this:“Freedom transforms the mechanics of observations.”  You may have even seen some of these statements transformed into typography with a beautiful landscape as a background. The above ... Read More »

Designer Dopamine Neurons From Skin Cells May Help With Parkinson’s Treatment

Researchers from the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo (UB) discovered that patients with Parkinson’s diseases may be helped by a customized form of dopamine neurons. The source of the so-called designer agents? Skin cells. Patients with Parkinson’s disease have one common problem and that is the lack of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter ... Read More »

Water-Based Bandage Can Sense Temperature Changes, Deliver Medicine To Wounds

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists created a “smart wound dressing” using a highly stretchable hydrogel they unveiled in November. The water-based wound bandage has bone-binding cartilage strength and temperature monitoring features, enabling an automatic or by-demand drug application. Researchers suggest the smart wound bandage would pave the way for the safe use of electronics inside the body. It could ... Read More »

Depression Affects 29 Percent Of New Doctors: Study

Medical school can be challenging, but stepping out to the real world of clinical practice is something far more demanding. In a new study, American researchers found that about 29 percent of new doctors or resident physicians suffer from depression. Resident physicians are required to render hospital duties 24/7. During shifts, doctors are not only exhausted physically. They are also ... Read More »

Counselling, Antidepressant Provide Same Results For Major Depression

Researchers found anti-depressants are just as effective as counselling in treating moderate to severe depression. Led by researchers from Danube University, the study found an overall improvement of 45 percent in depression rates among patient groups who took different treatment techniques. The researchers analyzed 11 controlled trials with over 1,500 patients. The trials involved patients who took modern-day anti-depressants such ... Read More »