Is your Smartphone Safe when it is Lying Somewhere?

You might have visited a friend’s place and you would want to sit and relax. But you are a bit afraid to keep the Smartphone lying somewhere. This is because you think that your friend or someone else would take your phone and start the search. It is really quite exciting to bully a friend with some data that might ... Read More »

Bethesda E3 2016 Briefing Confirmed

It may still be winter, but Fallout publisher Bethesda has now started to announce its plans for E3 2016, one of the year’s premiere video game shows. The Maryland-based company on Monday announced that its E3 briefing will be held Sunday, June 12, starting at 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST. Bethesda’s briefing at E3 2015 represented the company’s ... Read More »

This Super Mario Maker-Style Tool Lets You Create Your Own Wallpaper

If you’ve been wanting to turn one of your Super Mario Makerlevels into wallpaper, then you’ll be happy to hear this news. Nintendo has released a wallpaper creator website based on the Mario game’s creation tools. The Super Mario Maker wallpaper creator allows you to build wallpapers for your desktop or mobile phone (via Polygon). It’s entirely in Japanese, but ... Read More »

Fallout 4 Patch Hits PC, Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Week

Following its beta release in January, Fallout 4’s latest update isnow available for all PC players. The update arrives as an automatic download on Steam and is scheduled to come toPlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this week. This release schedule is not out of the ordinary, as Fallout 4’s patches have historically arrived first on PC before coming to ... Read More »

Destiny Fans Create Iron Banner Sword 3D Model

A couple Destiny fans on Reddit come up with an idea for a new weapon to add to the shared world shooter, concepting and rendering out the design in 3D. Destiny‘s monthly PvP event, Iron Banner, wraps up tonight after its first outing featuring the Rift gametype. Most players who participate in Iron Banner every month do so to get ... Read More »

You Can Play Saints Row’s Cancelled PSP Game Right Now

Saints Row Undercover, a cancelled PSP game, was recently revealed to the public for the very first time. Now, people can play it for themselves, thanks to the series’ developer, Volition. Volition released a playable ISO of Undercover to Unseen 64which will preserve and archive the cancelled Saints Row prototype. You can download it from the links on Unseen’s website, ... Read More »

Republique Remastered Review

iOS Kickstarter hit Republique comes to PC and Mac, delivering a terrific graphical upgrade alongside an enthralling plot and claustrophobic stealth gameplay. Although there are some exceptions, mobile games can get a bad reputation. Whether it’s a prior history of being targeted at a ‘casual’ gaming audience, or those ever-troubling issues with free-to-play mechanics, there are several bugbears found with mobile ... Read More »

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ships 6 Million, Konami Profits Rise

Konami has reported earnings for the nine-month period ended December 31, revealing strong sales for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and healthy numbers for the company overall. The Phantom Pain, launched in September 2015 and the final entry in the series from Hideo Kojima, saw “continued favorable sales” during the period, with shipments rising to 6 million. This ... Read More »

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Review

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster freshens up with polished visuals and new additions, but it still clings to old survival horror mechanics that may alienate new players. Years before Resident Evil 5 proclaimed that players didn’t have to face fear alone, another Resident Evil title let players switch between two characters and utilize teamwork to survive. Resident Evil 0, originally ... Read More »

PSA: The Division Beta Comes to PS4 and PC, Problems on Steam Fixed [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] The problems with the PC version on Steam have been fixed, Ubisoft reported. The original story is below. Following its launch January 28 for Xbox One, the closed multiplayer beta for The Division is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC, though some Steam users are reporting problems accessing it. Writing in the Ubisoft forums, the developer said it’s ... Read More »