How will the Fed respond to the market—and does it even matter?

Central bank policy was top of mind on Wall Street on Thursday, but experts were divided in deciphering the path forward. Less than a week before the next Federal Reserve meeting, theEuropean Central Bank outlined an unusually pointed plan for weakening the euro. With other central banks loosening money supplies amid vacillating U.S. equity markets, the Fed is now faced ... Read More »

Monster gaming laptop from CybertronPC packs the latest desktop hardware

Plugging high-end gaming desktop hardware into a laptop may seem like a crazy idea, but CybertronPC has pulled it off. It’s hard to believe the CLX Osiris 17 and 17x PCs from CybertronPC are actually laptops when when you read the basic specifications. Don’t expect much battery life from these desktop-replacement laptops, which have 17-inch screens. The Osiris 17 can be ... Read More »

Buying a Refurbished iPad is Actually a Good Idea

If you’re in the market for an iPad, chances are you’re not considering a refurbished model. Why would you want to inherit someone else’s problems when you could buy new and be guaranteed that it’s clean and trouble-free? That’s where Apple’s “certified refurbished” program comes in. According to Apple, before a model gets their “certified refurbished” stamp, it will undergo ... Read More »

Backblaze will send you a hard drive with your backup data for free, if you return it after

When it comes to backing up your precious data, investing in an online backup service is one of the smartest things you can do. These services constantly save any changes you make on your PC to their servers, giving you an offsite backup solution for minimal cost and overhead. But while saving your data to the cloud in a slow ... Read More »

Microsoft’s iPhone keyboard will have a one-handed mode that Windows 10 phones lack

Windows 10 Mobile users have reason to be jealous of Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard for iOS. Images of the unreleased software keyboard, published by The Verge, show a unique one-handed mode, with keys that fan outward from the corner of the screen. Windows 10 Mobile also includes a one-handed mode, but it’s more simplistic in that the keys merely squish ... Read More »

Hands-on with Homefront: The Revolution’s engaging four-player co-op action

Some not-insignificant part of me had, I guess, assumed that first-THQ-then-Crytek-now-Deep Silver’s Homefront: The Revolution was a strictly-singleplayer affair. I don’t knowwhy I assumed this, exactly. Maybe one part “They’d only showed us singleplayer” and another part “Most B-tier shooters die on the vine.” Suffice it to say, I was pretty surprised when Deep Silver reached out to show me ... Read More »

Sony targets Internet of Things with $212 million buy of chip company Altair

Sony has reached an agreement to acquire chip company Altair Semiconductor in Israel for US$212 million in a bid to strengthen its offering for the Internet of Things market. Altair is a developer of modem chip technology and software relating to the LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G cellular standard for mobile phones and data terminals, which Sony aims to combine ... Read More »

5 Gmail for Android tips to tame your inbox

It’s hard to imagine that Gmail for Android could make managing your messages any easier. But as with its desktop counterpart, there are plenty of surprises under the hood if you know where to look. Use these five tricks and tweaks to master your inbox. Gmail for Android makes it easy to add non-Gmail accounts. Add other email accounts The ... Read More »

Aerelight A1 OLED desk lamp review: Beautiful, but not as practical as it could be

n yesterday’s OLED technology explainer, Jon L. Jacobi noted that organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) technology has applications beyond its use in high-end TVs. The Aerelight A1 desk lamp is a good example: It uses a single five-inch-square OLED to illuminate your desktop work surface. As an object, it’s very pretty. As a desk lamp, it’s not as practical as it ... Read More »

Tested: Microsoft’s Windows Defender antivirus is less awful than it used to be

We’ve all loved to hate Microsoft’s free Windows Defender software—it’s been so mediocre that it’s been considered the baseline metric in third-party tests. But recent independent tests show it’s actually outperforming a number of third-party suites, some of which charge you money to use them. Results released by for the month of December put Microsoft right in the middle ... Read More »