Trump’s win sparks confusion over the Fed’s next move

For as much as the Federal Reserve professes its independence, it is not immune to politics. Financial markets are well aware of this sensitivity and are beginning to rethink where the central bank is heading, following Donald Trump’s shocking election victory. Prior to Tuesday’s election, Wall Street widely expected the Fed to enact its first rate hike in a year ... Read More »

Trader Talk: Here’s the one thing none of the traders expected at the open

Spencer Platt | Getty Images Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) the morning after Donald Trump won a major upset in the presidential election on November 9, 2016 in New York City. When I came into the NYSE this morning at about 5:15 am ET, the few traders walking around were expecting a huge ... Read More »

Goldman names 84 new members to partner class, 6 more than prior group

Peter Foley | Bloomberg | Getty Images Traders work at the Goldman Sachs booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Goldman Sachs elevated 84 employees on Wednesday to its prestigious partner class. The new group has six more people than the prior class, which was announced in 2014. The latest induction will bring the total number of ... Read More »

Air Pollution May Cause Blood Vessel Damage, Says Study

.Air Pollution May Cause Blood Vessel Damage, Says Study blood vessels may cause blood vessel damage, inflammation among young, healthy adults, say scintists WASHINGTON: Exposure to fine particulate matter may cause blood vessel damage and inflammation among young, healthy adults, according to scientists including one of Indian origin, who have found how air pollution contributes to cardiovascular disease and related ... Read More »

Fixed and Adjustable Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates can be defined as the rate of interest charged on a mortgage – which is an obligation that allows the borrower to get money, by promising to repay the lender according to an agreed-upon contract. Mortgages are used by individuals and businesses to make large real estate purchases, without paying the entire amount up front – and mortgages ... Read More »

268 Million Kids May Be Overweight Globally By 2025: Study

Invest Monthly to Build Wealth Systematcally: Start Here (FundsIndia) EMAIL PRINT COMMENTS As many as 268 million children aged five to 17 years may be overweight. LONDON:  As many as 268 million children aged five to 17 years may be overweight – including 91 million obese – by 2025, according to a global estimate that suggests no policy interventions have ... Read More »

Gene Variant Behind Our Craving For Fatty Chicken Korma: Study

LONDON: People who carry a particular gene variant have a higher craving for fat-rich chicken korma but a decreased preference for sugary foods, according to a new Cambridge led study that may help treat obesity. The research provides insights into why we make particular food choices, with potential implications for our understanding of obesity, researchers said. This is one of ... Read More »

Gene Behind Our ‘Sixth Sense’ Identified: Study

Scientists have identified a gene which controls specific aspects of human touch and a ‘sixth sense’ that describes awareness of one’s body in space. With the help of two young patients, one nine and the other 19 years old, having a unique neurological disorder, scientists found that the gene called PIEZO2 controls specific aspects of human touch and the ‘sixth ... Read More »

Cancer, Not Zika Or HIV, Scares Americans Most

While Zika remains a hot topic in the news, a new survey has revealed that of all the health conditions it is cancer- particularly brain cancer- that concerns most Americans, even more than obesity and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In fact, in the survey by Mayo Clinic, infectious diseases such as Zika and Ebola tied with HIV/AIDS as the ... Read More »

Apple iPhone event could mark turning point in spite of low expectations, say analysts

With a declining stock, and general negative sentiment against the company, Apple needs to get its mojo back. But lukewarm expectations ahead of Wednesday’s product launch in San Francisco — where CEO Tim Cook is expected to introduce the iPhone 7, among other things — could help push the stock higher in coming months, say analysts. Apple’s fortunes have become ... Read More »