Blogger Aakriti Rana talks about her success in the field of blogging

Aakriti Rana

As far as blogging is concerned, Aakriti Rana is one of the top names in the business. She is very popular among the youth, thanks to her exceptional blogging skills. With being a fashion blogger, she is also a travel influencer who is making a positive impact on social media. She feels that influencers can act as a medium to make people aware of the latest trends across the globe. However, more than fashion she is inclined towards travelling as she believes in making memories and not just capturing it.

She has got a humongous 600K followers on Instagram and more than 122K subscribers on YouTube. Her major focus has been on creating genuine content which people can relate to. Fake promotions and endorsements are something which she dislikes indulging in. While speaking about option B of her career, she revealed, “I would study psychology and understand human behaviour to help people overcome all the stress they face. In this fast-moving competitive world and digital age, we really need to address the problems our younger generation is facing.” Well, that’s something thoughtful from her side.

Being a popular personality, she opened up about the dark of facing backlash on the internet. Aakriti said that she has great sympathy for people who write mean and nasty things as they are not happy with themselves. Moreover, her Instagram feed is very colourful where she keeps a balance between posts catering to fashion enthusiasts and travellers. Her motto in Iife is, “Make memories. They will last you a lifetime.” With a huge fan following, she believes in influencing people in a very positive way. As an influencer, Aakriti Rana said how important it is to create authentic content and with that, she wants to inspire the youth about influencer marketing as a career.

For her success is about having peace of mind. “You are successful when you find your happiness in every single day instead of wishing to be somewhere to be happy”, said Aakriti Rana. She feels her fans have played a vital role in making her an Instagram sensation. More than that, she feels privileged that her content has brought an impact on people’s lives. With such amazing work, the travel influencer has got a long way to achieve greatness in life.