Bipasha Basu to reveal health and fitness secrets on new digital platform

Bipasha Basu will soon launch a digital platform where she will share health and wellness tips.

Bollywood actor and fitness lover Bipasha Basu is looking at starting a digital platform to share what keeps her healthy and fit. Her social media posts revolve around fitness, and encourage people to hit the gym and try different types of exercise.

In a recent interview to IANS, Basu admitted that she is looking to share fitnesss-related information through a digital medium. “Soon, I will be imparting more knowledge to people who want to get fit. It will be in the digital world because DVDs don’t really matter any more,” said Basu. A few years ago, she had released a set of fitness DVDs on how to burn fat.

Through the platform, Basu aims to offer varied information based on different body types. She envisions it as a holistic platform dedicated to health and fitness and not just workout sessions.

“It will be a regular stream of information on one solid platform. It won’t be only about what I do but about what different kinds of people need to do. It will be much more like an informed platform about health and fitness — and not just workouts. It will be a 360-degree platform that will cover everything good for the human body,” she added.