AWS Takes the Lead among All Cloud Solutions


AWS users will be benefiting from the built-in cloud security and cloud cost management tools in 2016. We will see a lot of improvements in this sector which will be tremendously beneficial for the users. Amazon is the leading online platform that is the number one tool for business as it serves different purposes. Cloud computing is not something that you would think is new for Amazon. Amazon had been using the cloud computing tactics for a very long time but that was without any kind of competition present in the market. The platform took advantage of the cloud computing boom in the market and since then the widespread company has been an excellent provider in leveraging businesses.

Better move to AWS cloud early

The businesses that directly switch to the cloud computing services benefit from them to the maximum. The IT industry is quite young and it will be staying young for as long as it exists. Going for the early, dominance, company will be making itself to win the lead every time. AWS has got new trends for its users. As for the users who are new in the industry and need cloud services, AWS surely welcomes them and provides them cost effective services that no one else does.

The upgrades in different sectors of Amazon are discussed below:


AWS has got the NoSQL databases along with the petabyte-scale data warehousing and the in-memory caching. The users can run their own databases through EBS and EC2 on AWS. The most popular databases of AWS are the Redshift and the Relational Database Service (RDS). RDS is responsible for the administrative tasks, software installation, patches and backups as well. The pricing is based on the amount of storage and the instance hours. Redshift is the data warehouse service that works with the usual business intelligence tools. The pricing is based on the hours.

Administration and Security

The AWS administration and security involves the AWS Directory Service. The AWS security will be more efficient and clever than before. All the API calls for the user AWS accounts are now delivered in the log folders without any extra charge. There will be more security for the private, public and hybrid cloud users.


When it comes to the networking in AWS, we come to know that it offers a wide range of networking services. These networking services include scalable DNS, cloud and the tools for isolated networks. The commonly used networking services are the Amazon Direct Connect and the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The VPC establishes a private cloud in the AWS offering built-in security in the form of network control lists and security groups as well. If you are using the EC2 services then VPC is free to use. The Direct Connect Service enables the users to bypass the internet and directly link with the AWS Cloud.


From real-time streaming data and orchestration, AWS is offering the users with the services of all kinds of data analytics levels. The most popular services of AWS is the Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR). All sorts of data analysts, researchers, developers and businesses are approaching the EMR for processing the huge amount of data. The prices are based on per hour use.

Application Services

AWS is a blend of managed services that work with the applications on queuing, email delivery, streaming, transcoding and push notifications. The commonly used application services include in the Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWS) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). The SQS workflow is automated between the various services by using SQS for storing messages. On the other hand, SWS is a management and coordination service for AWS cloud. The users receive activity tasks, workflow days and initiated executions per year.

Deployment and Management

Amazon will be improving the deployment and management sector which will also include the logging and application monitoring as well. The popular AWS services are AWS CloudFormation and the AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Elastic Beanstalk helps in deploying the web applications using .Net, Ruby, Java, Node.js and PHP. Along with this, it also allows the users to monitor the health of the applications and access the log files. AWS CloudFormationhelps the businesses and developers in provisioning and gathering key AWS resources.

With the supreme services and quality application hosting, AWS offers a scalable IT infrastructure. The growth of the platform still continues and we will be seeing new innovations in the Amazon Web Services. Every business can benefit from the tremendous line of services of AWS in the most effective way.