Are you going wrong with your cheat meal?

6/13Dark chocolate

Yes. It’s allowed. Melt some and pour on fruits like strawberries and bananas, and everything about this diet plan will seem godly. (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock)

Pasta and Pizza

7/13Pasta and Pizza

If you are an Italian-food addict, whole wheat pastas and pizza bases are available. You can make them at home as well. Load these with veggies, chicken, fish or paneer and you’re good to go. (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock)

Veggie chips

8/13Veggie chips

So what if you can’t have your favourite bag of potato chips. Get some of your favourite veggies or fruits and oven dry them. You can even make a yoghurt dip to go along with it. (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock)

Fried brown rice

9/13Fried brown rice

For all you Chinese-lovers, you can totally hog on your favourite cuisine. All you need to do is replace white rice with brown and lessen the quantity of oil exactly by half. Add chicken/fish/paneer/soy chunks along with veggies and your cheat day meal is sorted. (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock)



Why leave out on that oozilicious burger. Get multigrain burger buns, add your favourite chicken or potato tikki, vegetables and cheese. If you wish to balance out this burger, keep the oil used for the potato or chicken tikki low (about half tablespoon) or remove the cheese. (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock)



Why leave out something you’ve grown up eating? Parantha is the perfect combination of fats, carbs and protein. Stuff it with your favourites like cheese, potatos, paneer or even chicken. (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock)