anti corrosion packaging

All metals will eventually corrode. Some metals may be more resistant to corrosion than others, but it’s always just a matter of time before it happens. This is often a big problem when it comes to manufacturing and shipping printed circuit boards. As sophisticated and complex as a printed circuit board can be, they all contain metal components, which makes them vulnerable to corrosion. This is one of the biggest reasons why printed circuit boards eventually fail.

Ideally, you will be able to get years out of a circuit board before it becomes too corroded to be useful. Unfortunately, it is entirely possible for a printed circuit board to become corroded and therefore useless before it can reach its destination. This is sometimes due to shoddy materials that went into the creation of the board, but it can also happen if something isn’t packaged correctly.

Preventing Corrosion With the Proper Packaging

In order to determine how to prevent corrosion in an electronic package, you need to first find out what could be causing the corrosion. If it’s a case of atmospheric corrosion, the solution is to use an air-tight package that keep oxygen away from any vulnerable components. This is of course the easiest type of corrosion to prevent when it comes to packaging. As long as any package is air-tight, you won’t have to worry about this problem. Electrolytic corrosion or fretting corrosion may also be a problem if moisture gets into the package or if the material being shipped is jostled around within its package. Galvanic corrosion could also occur if the wrong kinds of metals are packaged together. This is normally a flaw that has to do with the design and manufacturing of a printed circuit board, but it can happen if certain products are packaged together too haphazardly.

The best way to ensure that electronic packages do not suffer from any kind of corrosion is to use anti corrosion packaging. This is packaging that takes into account all the things that can cause corrosion in an electronic package. Since different products can corrode for different reasons, a service that specializes in shipping circuit boards and other devices will likely have a different method for each occasion.

If you have an electronic product that you need shipped yet you are worried about corrosion, contact service that specializes in anti corrosion shipping technologies if you really want to keep your products safe until they reach their destination.