5 Tips for an Everyday Rummy Cards Player

Have you taken to Rummy lately? Are you winning less and losing more in the rummy games you have been playing? Do you want to get more confident before you play rummy online for cash or free?

5 Tips that can help you win your rummy patti game:


  1. The first and the most important tip that every rummy player must follow is to be present in the game mentally with 100% focus and concentration.
  1. The second tip is a basic one that will organize the cards in your hand and sort your mind as well. Arrange all the cards that you have got in your hand, in order, according to color groups.
  1. DO not throw out a card in haste with the expectation that the card you need the most will show up instantly.
  1. DO not cling on to your face cards for long. When you hold on to your J-s, Q-s, K-s or Aces for too long, you have chances of ending up with too high a penalty as face cards bear 10 points each.
  1. Use your Joker/s wisely. You will have higher chances of winning a rummy game if you place your joker/s in the least probable Sequence/s or Set/s.

As Rummy is one of those card games that are fast, simple, and fun, there are not many confusing or complicated strategies that you need to learn. In addition to the 5 above-mentioned tips, you can also follow the tricks and tips mentioned below.

Tricks that can help you win Real Cash Rummy easily:


  1. Try not to draw cards from the open deck, i.e. the pile of cards discarded. Opponents watching you closely get a clear idea about the cards you have in your hand, if and when you keep drawing cards from the open pile.
  1. Pay a close attention to what the opponents are discarding. This gives you a fair idea of the suit or color they are not having in their hand. This idea, along with your own hand, gives you a picture of the cards the opponents ARE having in their hand.
  • Get one pure sequence as soon as possible. Since a pure sequence is something that you essentially need to win a 13 card rummy game, you need to do that first and foremost. Moreover, getting at least one sequence ensures that you do not end up with all the points of all the cards in your hand, in case an opponent declares suddenly.
  1. Make your sequence fast by not waiting for the right card to form a sequence. It is advisable to keep 2 consecutive cards over 2 alternate cards. E.g.: If you have a 3 of Hearts and a 5 of Hearts (waiting for a 4 of Hearts to form a pure sequence), and you happen to draw a 2 of Hearts, keep the 2 and discard the 5. This gives you 2 advantages: 1.You can form a pure sequence, if you draw the Ace of Hearts or 4 of Hearts, i.e. you have doubled your chance of forming a pure sequence! 2. You might also trick the opponent into discarding the 4 of Hearts, if he has been holding it. (Seeing you discard the 5 of Hearts, he might deduce that 4 of Hearts might not help you in any way!)

Follow these simple tips and win your rummy cards online as well as offline!