10 most exciting PC games spotted at the PC Gaming Show 2019

PC Gaming Show 2019

The PC Gaming Show 2019 was definitely epic at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles ahead of E3 2019, and we have the E3 trailers of the top 10 games shown at this PC game-dedicated showcase.

Our PC Gaming Show games list would be too much to fit on one page if we added everything, so we’ve whittled it down to ten, including long-overdue sequels like Evil Genius 2, Baldur’s Gate 3 and even Shenmue 3. They’re finally coming out.

Here are the top games we spotted at the PC Gaming Show.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

This is the full sequel to Evil Genius you’ve been waiting for, not just another spin-off to Elixir Studios’ real-time lair sim strategy game from way back in 2004. Developer Rebellion is finally giving us a meaningful update, and while the E3 trailer didn’t have gameplay, the new title seems to preserve the original’s fun, colorful, and campy vibe. The fun cinematic video we saw is along the lines of Team Fortress, but with base building and world domination intent.

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 isn’t dead, it’s coming out on in early 2020, and it’s launching first on the Epic Games Store. At E3, we learned it has brutal battle scenes that channel your favorite Medieval movies from the first-person perspective. You’re wielding axes to splice enemies in half, launching projectiles from catapults, raiding villages and burning them to the ground, and cleanly slicing off enemy heads from horseback. According to Tripwire Interactive, you can even beat a man with a chicken while quoting Shakespeare in this 64-player PvP – it’s twice the scale of the original Chivalry.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt is inventing a new subgenre: it’s a multiplayer ghost hunt hide-and-seek game. Finally, right?! Players are either a suited up ghostbuster or a ghost hiding in a haunted house, often taking the form of seemingly harmless furniture. The goal of the ghost players is to hide instead of fighting back, and do so until the grandfather clock strikes midnight. That’s when the hunted ghosts turn into the hunters and gain extra power to take on the ghost-tracking detectives. An alpha for this PC game will launch later this summer.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant has big, scary enemies – the stuff nightmares are made out of, and developer Gunfire Games advises you to bring friends to this full co-op action shooter. It’s the end of the world as we know it, except monsters are certainly thriving and, from what we’ve seen, your weapon selection doesn’t stand a chance. “You will die a lot in this game,” according to Gunfire Games, and even when you do beat it, there’s a dynamic generation system that changes up the quests, non-playable characters, and monsters. It’s all hand-scripted, but the way they’re linked together gives you a different experience each time. Publisher Perfect World is launching this PC game on August 20, but “VIP” access is going out a few days early on August 16.

Shenmue 3

Yu Suzuki took to the stage at the PC Gaming Show, and the legendary video game designer behind hit Sega classics like Outrun, Vitra Fighter and After Burner formally introduced a long-awaited sequel to one of his biggest Dreamcast games: Shenmue 3. It’s finally coming out, and doing so under the Deep Silver label on November 19, 2019. Even if the dated 3D graphics won’t blow you away anymore, there’s more martial arts combat it seems and the story is meant to be the real selling point that Shenmue fans will surely eat up.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is the loot-fueled first-person shooter with RPG progression, and it’s coming to the PC on September 13. At the PC Gaming Show, we found out more details about Moze, the newest Vault Hunter, and the fact that you can summon her personal mech – the Iron Bear – in order to mow down enemies. Sounds very Borderlands-like. The level cap has been raised to 50 in this game and you’’l be happy to know that grenades are getting a sweet upgrade. They can now bounce and then stick, so you’re not limited to just sticky bombs and ones that bounce.


“It’s like Grand Theft Auto if you were a shark,” according to Tripwire Interactive’s clever pitch of Maneater. We remember this ‘Shark-PG’ game’s debut at the PC Gaming Show last year, and we have more backstory on who you’ll be eating once this game is finished. It seems like the shark-hating Scaly Pete is picking on sharks and it’s time to bite back. The ridiculousness of controlling a shark that bites everything in its path gives it a Sharknado vibe, there’s some real progression here, with growth, life phases and evolution that augment your finned .

Telling Lies

We liked Telling Lies because it’s shaping up to offer a unique gameplay experience based on listening to and watching taped conversations via a stolen NSA module. These secret convos revolve around four characters, and you have to figure out the what and why. It’s supposed to take all of the exploration of a game and apply its energy directly to the story. You’re literally in an open-world video game with over 10 hours of footage you can tackle in nonlinear fashion – something we’re not surprised came from Sam Barlow, maker of the critically-acclaimed game Her Story.

Conan Chop Chop

What started out as an April Fool’s Day joke has become a full-blown game from Funcom, and we got our first look at what the gameplay will look like in this adorable little hack-n-slash game that features four player co-op. We’ve played serious Conan the Barbarian games before, and they weren’t great. So we’re more than willing to give this one a try when it launches on September 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3

We got our first taste of Balder’s Gate 3 last week, and the PC Gaming Show offered us more in the way of what’s next, including a pen-and-paper prequel that’s due to launch in September. That’s good news because Balder’s Gate 3 doesn’t have a confirmed release date outside of the vague November 2019 Google Stadia and PC launch window – though it’s unclear if it will be a launch title for the streaming service.

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