Quick Tips to Help Your Employees Create Stronger Passwords

One of the most important things each of your employees own is their password. After all, this seemingly ordinary string of characters is one of the measures that can keep unscrupulous individuals away from your company’s confidential information. However, as a business owner, you may be alarmed to know that the prevalence of cyber attacks continues to go up every ... Read More »

How to run a DOS program in Windows 10How,to,run,a,DOS,program,in,Windows,10

6COMMENTS Lincoln Spector | @LincolnSpector Contributing Editor, PCWorld Jul 8, 2016 7:46 AM Madeline absolutely must run a particular DOS program for her medical transcription business. Can she do this in Windows 10?The real issue isn’t whether you’re running Windows 7, 8, or 10. It’s whether you’re using a 32- or 64-bit version of the operating system. Any 32-bit version ... Read More »

One Laptop Per Child redux: Spin-off delivers successors to XO hardware

Non-profit One Education has an ambitious plan in a competitive PC market: to sell Windows 10 tablets and laptops inspired by the innovative spirit of One Laptop Per Child, which designed groundbreaking low-cost PCs almost a decade ago. One Education, an OLPC spin-off, is making what it considers successors to OLPC’s XO devices, which are now out-of-date. OLPC released its ... Read More »

AMD releases Crimson driver fix for Radeon RX 480’s power consumption concerns

The $200 Radeon RX 480 is a wonderful graphics card that launched with a troubling problem: It draws an excessive amount of power through your motherboard’s PCI-E slot, as discovered in extensive testing by PC Perspective and Tom’s Hardware. It shouldn’t be a problem for most PCs, but systems with cheap or dirty motherboards could theoretically be damaged by the highly over-spec ... Read More »

Rumors: Microsoft Floor, Band updates should lead a fall splash of Windows hardware

New reports imply that Microsoft plans to issue new Floor hardware within the next few months. But whatexactly Microsoft has in thoughts stays uncertain. Right here’s a rundown of the rumors. Both ZDNet and Windows Primary file that Microsoft is leaning closer to a small hardware occasion this autumn, where there can be “minor revisions” to the Floor lineup. Each ... Read More »

Tab tamers: Vital Chrome extensions for cleaning up browser clutter

If you routinely have a dozen or greater favicons looking at you whilst you open your browser, you’ve got atrouble. Working with too many tabs makes it hard to method information and puts a stress in yourComputer. In the end your browser —and your productivity—will buckle. Luckily, If you’re a Chrome consumer, there are some of extensions that can help ... Read More »

Record: Specifications leak out for HTC-built ‘Marlin’ Nexus cellphone

The trendy fish tale related to Nexus devices tells us about a giant Marlin that can quickly rule the Android sea. A brand new Report offers Specifications approximately what need to be the bigger of the approachingpair of Nexus telephones to be built in partnership with HTC. Advertising Quad-core, Qualcomm processor (specific chip not certain) 5.5-inch quad HD (2560×1440) AMOLED ... Read More »

Amazon Echo now helps you to order merchandise from Amazon

Suitable news, Amazon enthusiasts: You may now order Amazon merchandise using your Amazon Echo. VentureBeat pronounced Friday that the new voice-managed ordering feature started out rolling out to Echousers on Friday, and even as there are a few boundaries, You can order from a huge swath of the Amazon product catalog. Consistent with the organisation, You can order digital track ... Read More »

Steam Summer time Sale encore: The best Pc game deals you don’t need to overlook

It’s Independence Day weekend here in the United states. Warmness, fireworks, and the smell of warmdogs are within the air. But Valve’s large Steam Summer season Sale additionally ends on July four, soearlier than you snatch those grill tongs and sprint outside, plop down in front of your Laptop and seize the ones deep, deep discounts on killer laptop video ... Read More »

Android N call revealed: it’s Nougat

After months of calling the next release simply “Android N,” Google has eventually settled on a call. The organization revealed Nougat on its Snapchat channel and Twitter, which covered uncovering the lateststatue to grace the Google campus. View photograph on Twitter View image on Twitter comply with Android ✔ @Android The time has arrived! #AndroidNReveal nine:32 PM – 30 Jun ... Read More »