When healing can be a headache

  When healing can be a headache It starts off as a light throb and gallops to an everlasting migraine. Whether it was something you drank or ate, many foods are held guilty for kicking off migraines. But while eliminating these foods can be the obvious solution, did you know that most migraines are triggered off by acidity? In other ... Read More »

‘80% of people with eye problems in Delhi are IT professionals’

IANS | Jan 22, 2017, 04.07 PM IST ‘80% of people with eye problems in Delhi are IT professionals’ (Image Courtesy:Pixabay) As much as 80 per cent of the people with eye-related problems in the national capital are Information Technology (IT) professionals, opthalmologists said on Saturday. They said the basic reason was that the IT professionals spend a minimum of ... Read More »

Planning a late night? ‘Stockpile’ sleep a night before

Planning a late night? ‘Stockpile’ sleep a night before Planning a late night? ‘Stockpile’ sleep a night befor… Read More You can now plan for a late night without worrying about the after-effects of too little rest. How? By ‘stockpiling’ sleep. A recent study, at the University of Calgary, claims it’s possible to ‘stockpile’ sleep in advance to help you ... Read More »

Every meal triggers inflammation that may protect us

IANS | Jan 22, 2017, 07.01 PM IST Every meal triggers inflammation that may protect us (Image Courtesy: Pexels) Every time we eat food, it may trigger an inflammatory response that acts as a protective mechanism to fight the bacteria consumed along with the food, a study has found. The findings showed that this inflammatory response, which acts as a ... Read More »

Is it time to take a break from social media?

Zeenia Baria| TNN | Jan 21, 2017, 01.00 AM IST Don’t let social media take over your life (Thinkstock) It’s hard to imagine life without social media, isn’t it? For a large number of the urban population, Facebook, Twitter, Instagrametc. have become de rigueur — such an integral and essential part of life that even the thought of not being ... Read More »

Less sugar, more wellness

TNN | Jan 21, 2017, 12.18 PM IST Less sugar, more wellness (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) Falling prey to diabetes not only means being compelled to end your love affair with some of your favourite grubs; the effects are, in fact, graver! Being diabetic also means being vulnerable to a host of other ailments that could be fatal in the long ... Read More »

Heartburn pills tied to serious bacterial infections

People who take popular heartburn pills known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) may be more likely to develop intestinal infections than people who don’t take these medications, a Scottish study suggests. The pills work by stopping cells in the stomach lining from producing too much of the acid that can cause ulcers and reflux symptoms such as heartburn. Researchers examined ... Read More »

Tantric Orgasm: All you need to know

Tantric Orgasm: All you need to know (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock) Orgasm is a word that’s mostly taboo. We hardly mention it at our dinner table, at public places, or at family gatherings. We just can’t. There’s a lot about orgasms that we do not know. A sexual apogee can affect not only your bodies, but also your mental health and ... Read More »

Why India needs to worry about the antibiotic resistance threat

NN | Antibiotic use has a downside — the more often these drugs are used, the more quickly bugs outsmart them. The recent death in US of a woman due to a superbug, likely contracted in India, has reignited the debate over antibiotic resistant bacteria. Here’s why this threat is real. Stay updated on the go with Times of India ... Read More »

Commit to a new lifestyle this season

Exercising should be a habit (Thinkstock) Wanting to lose weight and staying healthy is among the top resolutions globally, for the New Year. Experts say that getting fit, eating right and losing weight is all about committing to a completely new lifestyle. However, staying on track is essential. Here are a few ways to help you… Exercising should be a ... Read More »