Microsoft opens up its deep-learning toolkit on GitHub

Microsoft took another step on its open-source sharing journey Monday by releasing on GitHub a toolkit it uses internally for deep learning. Dubbed CNTK — short for Computational Network Toolkit — the open-source software is a unified deep-learning toolkit that describes neural networks as a series of computational steps via a directed graph. It’s proven significantly more efficient than Google’s ... Read More »

Security-camera snooping made easy, thanks to the Shodan search engine

In case you needed a reminder to secure your IP security cameras with a strong password, a new feature of the Shodan IoT search engine should do the trick. By typing “has_screenshot: true port 554” while logged into the search engine, users can now see screenshots from vulnerable webcams around the world. Ars Technica reportsthat the new search filter was ... Read More »

Samsung’s opening a New York studio dedicated to creating virtual reality experiences

After toying with virtual reality in 2015, the Sundance Film Festival’s diving into VR in a big way this year with its New Frontier lineup. That’s probably why Gear VR maker Samsung chose the festival as the perfect time to announce it would open a studio in New York dedicated to creating “new immersive experiences” for virtual reality, according to ... Read More »

Critical vulnerabilities patched in Magento e-commerce platform

If you’re running an online shop based on the Magento e-commerce platform, it’s a good idea to update it as soon as possible. The latest patches fix critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to hijack administrative accounts. One issue was discovered by researchers from Web security firm Sucuri and stems from improper validation of email addresses in the customer registration ... Read More »

Windows 10’s Cortana will remind you to keep promises made in emails

Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant is digging deeper into users’ email accounts in hopes of creating more useful reminders. With the latest Windows 10 Insider build, Cortana will scan for commitments that users make via email, and then offer to create a reminder. For instance, emailing “I’ll get you this report by the end of the day” to your boss will ... Read More »

Google will be asked to explain ‘cosy’ UK tax deal to lawmakers

British politicians want to know why Google is paying so little in back taxes, and will demand that the search giant come in for a talk. The company and the tax authority, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, will be summoned by the U.K. Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee to justify a settlement in which Google UK will pay £130 million (US$186 ... Read More »

Apple iPhone 7 will be better than the iPhone 6 thanks to these possible design changes

RUMOURS suggest that Apple are working to alter some pesky problems that have been irritating iPhone 6 users globally. Thousands of Apple fans have complained about the iPhone 6’s camera lens, which slightly juts out of the device. It’s believed this is because Apple wanted to upgrade the image quality — which resulted in a bulky camera. This design feature ... Read More »

Chromebooks are siphoning market share from Windows PCs

Shipments of PCs with Google’s Chrome OS are growing at the expense of Windows laptops and desktops, as the PC market suffers through its biggest slump since 2008. Especially popular are Chromebooks, which are basic Chrome OS laptops for Web computing. Low-price Chromebooks are attractive to students, educational institutions and budget buyers. Worldwide Chrome PC shipments in 2015 are expected ... Read More »

AI is coming to factories as IBM works with IoT startup Wi-Next

nternet of Things startup Wi-Next will add IBM analytics to its systems for industrial quality control and predictive maintenance. The added capabilities, including some powered by artificial intelligence, are designed to help food-processing companies and consumer product makers keep production lines running smoothly despite what’s sometimes a breakneck pace. The partnership should help deliver one of the most important benefits ... Read More »

Microsoft’s Sway app will now save your hard work from deletion

Users of Microsoft’s new Sway presentation app can now rest easier knowing their work won’t get accidentally deleted, thanks to a set of new features the company released Friday. When people go and delete a Sway that they’re working on, it’s sent to the service’s Recycle Bin, where it can be recovered for 30 days, rather than disappearing forever right off the ... Read More »